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AI Business Intelligence

IV Enables

Enterprises to positively disrupt markets
Ventures to Secure the Technology & Commercial Landscape required for success.
New AI approaches to R&D
Advanced IP & R&D decisions
Enterprises to become a market leading venture ahead of the competitors.
Risk & Exposure reduction
The venture to increase in value
Access through IV the most valuable intelligence for the next phase of you company development.

IV  Provides

  • AI Technology Intelligence
  • AI Competitive Intelligence
  • AI Market Insights and Strategic Intelligence
  • Corporate Investigations and Investor Intelligence
  • Freedom To Operate
  • New AI Patent Claim Strategies
  • IP Review
  • Complimentary Supply Partners introductions (SB + RE)
  • Responsibility for each Work Area – costings (SB + RE)
  • Intensive IP landscaping, review & Strategy
  • R&D Strategy
  • Development & Technology Strategy

IV  Provides

  • Regulatory Analysis & Strategy
  • Manufacturing Strategy
  • Commercialisation Strategy
  • Infrastructure Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy & Market Research
  • Digital Strategy
  • Funding Strategy
  • Investment Offering & Presentation
  • Technology Partners
  • Industrial Design Control
  • Branding Intelligence
  • Software Consultants
  • Venture Market Sector Identified
  • Market Sector Partner Suppliers & Introductions
  • Complimentary Supply Partners & Introductions

IP & Technology insights report

Automated insights
Report generated from your key priority claims 1 bespoke system search insights and IP strategy base plan template x 1
This can be sufficient for pre-seed or startups with 1-2 employees, who are raising smaller capital amounts of <£100k


2-Day Insights
IP strategy insights report x 4 + key investors in your tech area - a list of investors who have recently invested in the tech space
Key areas identified with IP gaps
Key areas where company IP could be applied for greater protection
The cutting edge market leading developments and identification of who, where and what they are doing Competition, Market, Technology and IP Analysis Report


5-Day Insights
Key bespoke insights report - led by technical project manager. Please get in touch for further details. Ip technology and market insights report Bespoke to the needs of the venture/enterprise.

Impetus Ventures Report (Click HERE)