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Unlocking Potential in Technology
Innovations & Intellectual Property

Success in the technology sector rests on two pillars: innovation and commercialisation. Both elements are equally critical, creating a synergy essential for any thriving tech venture. However, achieving a harmonious balance is challenging. Often, strategies that favour one aspect can overshadow and conflict with the other, leading to a counterproductive tug-of-war that hinders progress and success.

At IMPETUS VENTURES, we understand the intricate dance between innovation and commercialisation. That’s why we specialise in crafting comprehensive, custom strategies,supported by IV bespoke evidence-based reports CLICK HERE FOR REPORTS that nurture both facets of your technology venture. Our tailored, phased programs and robust support networks are designed not just to foster your project’s growth but to catapult it to its utmost potential. It’s about ensuring your venture doesn’t just succeed, but thrives—maximising returns for investors and setting the stage for unparalleled achievement.

Industry Spectrum

Our expertise allows us to operate across a wide
variety of technology sectors.

IV's ability to infuse and translate innovation
across diverse sectors enables a
unique and tailored approach to fulfil your potential.

How We Empower Your Success

We introduce ML & AI into your IP and R&D strategy to improve your systems, design, research, and intelligence function, considering future opportunities, processes and methodologies such as investigation into advanced science, technology and materials whilst focusing on the impact they have in your design & engineering outputs and application towards market advantages.

We can also help you to feed into one of the worlds most advanced technology networks and supply chains.

Nurturing Your Tech Venture

At IV, we're not just advisors; we're your dedicated partners in growth. We've cultivated an exclusive network of professionals and specialists, poised to provide targeted support exactly when your technology venture needs it the most.

Our unique approach ensures that every strategy is implemented with precision, keeping your venture on a steadfast path to success. But we don't just look at the immediate journey; we're your long-term strategists. Throughout each project phase, IV's primary goal remains constant: to escalate your company's asset value, whether your sights are set on short, medium, or long-term objectives.

With us, it's not just about reaching milestones; it's about amplifying your venture's valuation, ensuring each strategic goal makes a significant impact.


IP & Technology insights report Automated insights – -report generated from your key priority claims 1 bespoke system search insights and IP strategy base plan template x 1
This can be sufficient for pre-seed or startups with 1-2 employees, who are raising smaller capital amounts of <£100k

Impetus Ventures Report (Click HERE)


2-day insights –   –
IP strategy insights report x 4 + key investors in your tech area – a list of investors who have recently invested in the tech space
Key areas identified with IP gaps Key areas where company IP could be applied for greater protection. The cutting edge market leading developments and identification of who, where and what they are doing Competition, Market, Technology and IP Analysis Report.


5-day insights –   – Key bespoke insights report – led by technical project manager. Please get in touch for further details. Ip technology and market insights report Bespoke to the needs of the venture/enterprise.

Industry Leading Systems

At Impetus Ventures, we have created an auditing system for internal IP & commercial success, which follows a specific path to maximise successful outcomes for our customers.

Quality Guaranteed

IV aims to maximise.

Modern techniques within the AI & ML technology, where the input data has proceeded through a complex critical analysis systems.


Often ML platforms fall down due to the input variables being misinterpreted or misrepresented. IV’s experience enables this to be improved in an ever evolving platform.