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“At the core of our offerings lie competitive intelligence services that encompass cutting-edge technology solutions, a novel R&D approach, and a robust IP strengthening strategy. These services cater to a diverse array of sectors, spanning from boutique enterprises to global industry leaders, pioneering brands, biotech firms, startups, and innovation-driven organisations.

Furthermore, we offer exclusive services tailored specifically for private equity and investment companies. Here, we leverage automation to streamline due diligence processes and harness the power of data mining to deliver precise insights.

IV’s journey began with a team of seasoned R&D leaders who possess a remarkable track record of inventing and developing protectable IP for numerous global products and companies. Simultaneously, they’ve been trailblazing in the realm of new technology applications. While we’ll delve into the specifics during our consultation, rest assured that our approach to R&D and technology-focused IP is unrivalled, promising an unparalleled level of expertise and innovation.”


Business & Competitive Intelligence Expert


IP, Technology & Innovation Intelligence Expert


Engineering Technology Intelligence


Investor & Market Intelligence Expert